I am officially 21! This birthday weekend has been so much fun. I got really lucky and my 21st birthday fell on a Saturday. We went out Friday night and celebrated at midnight and then continued to celebrate until early Sunday morning. It was awesome. I stayed awake for about 20 of the 24 hours of my birthday. Originally it was 21 hours but then I needed a nap haha. I completed my countdown to 21 list except for getting 21 selfies on my birthday. I was too focused on having fun and hanging out with everyone to get that many selfies. Oh well.


Here’s a few pics of what went down on my 21st birthday:




Friday night, drinks at midnight. Check!



Friday night, do something out of the ordinary. Can’t say I “Teen Wolf” on the regular, so check!



Saturday evening, drinks with dinner. Check!



Saturday, wear something special. “Twenty-One” sash and tiara. Check!


I had an amazing weekend with the best people a girl could have in her life. In the wise words of the great Bruno Mars, #blessed. Here’s to 2017 being filled with many more memorable nights!


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