Finance Goals – DCP

So, it goes without saying, I’m broke. Or at least, I try to spend like I’m broke that way I don’t actually go broke. See where I’m going with this? After I finished re-reading the Harry Potter series earlier this year, I switched to reading as many personal finance books as I could. Here are my […]

How to Staycation

  Staycations are underrated. If you go away somewhere you will be paying for a place to stay, a way to get there and back (and if you fly, you’ll be paying for a rental car), and any things you plan to do while there. If you staycation, you could save yourself a lot of […]

New York City

  2016 has been a year of embracing travel opportunities and it all began in New York City. One of my best friends spontaneously asked if I wanted to go stay overnight with her in NYC. I, of course, said “if you can find a cheap hotel, I’m in.” Well, Groupon had a hotel in […]