Road Trip to the DCP

My mom and I made driving down to Orlando into a road trip instead of a straight 14 hour drive. It was so much fun! We didn’t book any places to stay until the day of which helped reduce cost and keep our road trip wide open.


First Stop

Breakfast with my dad’s cousin who lives in Raleigh now. It was great to catch up! We may have left without taking a picture and realized this 10 minutes on 95. We all turned around and came back. It’s cool when you don’t have anywhere you have to be ๐Ÿ™‚



Charleston, SC

We found an Airbnb in Charleston with the nicest hosts ever. It was like a bed and breakfast. Their home was super cozy, we were obsessed with the coconut charcoal body wash she left for us to use, and the cucumber facial mist. It was like a spa! The next morning, we were greeted with lemon scones. It was so nice.


We had dinner at the Gathering Cafe. It was yummy, though my curry was super spicy. Apparently, I can’t handle the spice as well as I thought I could.



Then we headed downtown to explore. It could have been from driving all day, lack of sleep, and the hot weather, but whatever it was we were not huge fans of downtown Charleston. I know that seems crazy because everyone raves about it, but we agreed it was too commercial and filled with stores we could find anywhere. We didn’t stay very long there.



Luckily, our Airbnb host was well versed on all the cool things to do in Charleston. First, we headed to breakfast and stopped to get a picture at an old store.


What, did they run out of soap at the Piggly Wiggly?


I was so excited to find this. If you don’t understand why I would be so excited to find a Piggly Wiggly, it’s because you’re not as obsessed with Sweet Home Alabama as I am.


Anyway, breakfast was at the Three Little Birds Cafe, recommended by our host. It was adorable and delicious. Definite win!



From there, we went to Earthfare Market to check it out. They had a whole wall of wine, plenty of fun vegan snacks, including mini chocolate chip cookies! Of course, I got the cookies and they were delicious.


Then, we drove to the Angel Oak Tree because our host said we should check it out. It’s really cool! Plus, you don’t stay long so it’s a good way to break up the drive a bit.









Our final stop in Charleston was the Charleston Tea Plantation. Literally had no idea it existed or that it was the only tea plantation in North America. It was incredible and we bought all of the tea.



The Trolley Tour is about $12 and it’s pretty cool. I’d recommend it! Then go try all of the tea and buy all of the things. That’s what we did.





Our last stop was to have dinner at these old church ruins our host told us about. It was just us there so it was nice! It’s on a very busy road, though, so be super careful crossing the street.



We were supposed to go to Savannah from there, but last second we decided to drive to Florida and spend extra time in New Smyrna Beach. This was a great decision because we absolutely loved it! It’s an adorable little beach town with small coffee shops and boutiques filled with unique items instead of the commercialism of Charleston. There are plenty of restaurants and bars and live music to entertain you. Walk around. Stay awhile. You won’t want to leave.





Here’s our last night of the road trip. Mustache cups from the hotel filled with wine. Good times ๐Ÿ™‚


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