National Apple Harvest Festival


Every year the town of Biglerville, PA hosts the National Apple Harvest Festival for the first two weekends in October. I’ve been going with my grandmother every year since I can remember but this year my mom was finally able to go! We picked a very rainy weekend but I got to wear my rain boots so I wasn’t complaining 😉






Pre-rain selfie..
Pre-rain selfie..


It was about a 2 hour drive to the festival and once you got close to the festival area there were people guiding the cars to a parking spot. You park in the grass so if you are going and it’s raining, make sure you take a vehicle that won’t get stuck! We didn’t have any trouble, though our van is very muddy now. Once you park you take a shuttle bus to the actual festival. Walking isn’t really an option and the shuttle is free so take advantage! Usually the line for the bus is awful because the festival is very popular and there are usually a ton of people. This time, however, because it was raining we didn’t wait at all to get onto the bus and the festival wasn’t crowded either. There are perks to bad weather.


Yay for rain boots 🙂



Rainy Selfie



Rain aside, the festival was a lot of fun. I made my own trail mix, we sampled spiced wine (and got 3 bottles because it was that good), drank hot cider, looked at cool crafts, bought various things we fell in love with like this plant.




Isn’t it adorable?? It was only $4 so I couldn’t resist. And now, Chad, sits in my windowsill soaking in the autumn sun. I also bought potpouri that perfectly summed up the way autumn should smell. Unfortunately I can’t smell it in my room, but when you get close to it you can smell it perfectly. Haha. Oh well. I tried.

When we bought the wine, the woman had to use an old credit card swiper like the one from Home Alone. It was crazy. I had to grab a picture.




Here are a few pictures I got of some crafts along the way..






There were some really cool crafts and I could have spent all of my money on so much there. The good news is you are limited on what you buy because you have to carry it around with you all day haha. It helps keep you under control. I will say I was disappointed in the car show. Usually they have rows and rows of antique cars but when we went there weren’t many at all. I would assume that was because of the rain, but it was still disappointing.



Maybe I’ll catch ’em next year. My disappointment was made up with all of the Christmas decorations and crafts around the festival. I love Christmas so much so I was super happy to see all of the festive items. I don’t care if it is only October. Christmas is perfect always 🙂




The festival was awesome and if you get the chance, I recommend checking it out! I believe it was $10 per person to get in. It’s worth it. Go walk around and check out the cool crafts people who are much more creative than you made 😉 and make sure you get apple cider! Get as much as you can carry because there is no such thing as too much apple cider.



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