Happy Dance


This song has a happy, care-free feel to it. Felt perfect for this post. (Side note: so glad Miley is back).


Today I received a message from the universe. I realize how that sounds. I’m not crazy, nor am I a the epitome of a flower child. No. I literally received a message from the universe.



I signed up for emails from “the universe” a long time ago and this was the email I got today. I loved the message enough to want to share it. Do you have “happy dance” on your “to-do” list? I didn’t, but as soon as I saw this message I put it on my list. Why not do a happy dance? Every single day I have something to be grateful for, so there is no reason not to do a happy dance!


Maybe if we start our day with a happy dance, our day will be happier. Or maybe if we have an awful day and end it with a happy dance we will forget all about it! Do a happy dance. There are no rules saying you have to save it for certain occasions. Right now is the best time to be happy. So, go ahead. Do your happy dance. No one’s looking.





Have you added it to your “to-do” list yet?

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