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Time to dust off the cobwebs! I have been on quite a hiatus, but for good reason. This semester has been very demanding thus far and I also spent a week in Disney World, which was amazing but left me with a lot of school work to catch up on. So, here I am. I’m back and ready to catch up. Disney was awesome and I miss it dearly, as anyone who has ever been to Disney knows about the Post Disney Depression. There were highs and lows when it came to the food options available for a vegan diet. Disney does a fabulous job, but Universal is severely lacking. I’d honestly recommend packing your own snacks and a sandwich for Universal. It seems like you can take anything in that does not need to be heated up, but check before you go to be sure.



If you are heading to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, Margaritaville has a veggie taco option on their allergy menu. It is delicious! The picture does not give it justice, believe me. I ate every last bite of the tacos. I also got a side of guacamole to dip the chips in because the guac was too good not to get. Make sure you ask for the tacos without the lime creme sauce if you avoid dairy.



I’d definitely recommend hitting up Margaritaville for a laid-back atmosphere, good food, and, obviously, some Margaritas.




Belle enjoyed herself


Mellow Mushroom

Yes, apparently I have a thing for Mellow Mushroom. Can you blame me, though? Every time I’ve been to Mellow Mushroom I have not been disappointed. This time, however, I didn’t love it. I got the same thing as usual, but it tasted different this time and it wasn’t as good. It was still filling and tasty. It just wasn’t what I hoped for.



Baby Cakes/ Erin McKenna’s Bakery

The less-than-steller dinner was made up for ten-fold by dessert! I should mention that I totally earned pizza and dessert by running the Princess Half Marathon earlier that day. The bakery is located at Disney Springs and it is absolutely adorable. Side note: I just noticed the bakery was decorated for Valentine’s Day even though it was February 26 when I took this.



I got a coffee crunch donut, a mint chocolate brownie cupcake, and a french toastie cupcake to-go to have as snacks during the week. I also got myself a birthday cake milkshake to have that night. It was delicious. They literally take one of their cupcakes and put it in the shake and leave the top of the cupcake to top the shake off. It doesn’t come cheap ($12 a pop), but they take Disney gift cards! That’s the way to do it.





Be Our Guest Restaurant

My mom and I had reservations for Be Our Guest for breakfast one morning (we did not anticipate such long lines to get into the park and we ended up fast walking/running to the restaurant; if you have somewhere to be at a certain time in MK get there early). It was so beautiful! There are 3 dining areas. We ate in the grand ballroom, but there is a room dedicated to pictures from the movie as well as a room that looks exactly like Adam’s destroyed room from the movie.










I didn’t think I would be able to eat anything other than a bowl of fruit. Boy was I wrong. I was offered french toast or waffles (I went with french toast) and soy milk. The french toast was just frozen french toast sticks but it was cool to have the option and they were good! They even sent out pure maple syrup which was a sweet surprise (pun intended). Plus, they gave me a plate of vegan desserts! I had no idea they served desserts too and I was elated (who doesn’t want dessert for breakfast??). I believe the cakes were from Erin McKenna’s bakery. They were delicious. If you can get reservations, I’d recommend this all the way!













Belle was pleased with Disney’s attention to detail.








Make sure you stop and get a pic on the way out!


Disney does a really great job with their options. I’ve only mentioned the notable food I had. I had vegetable sushi in Epcot and pasta in Magic Kingdom. We went to Pinocchio Village Haus and I was super pumped to get their vegan Caprese pizza. Unfortunately, they had not replenished their vegan crust yet, so, I was left with pasta. It was good but not Caprese pizza if you know what I mean. Also, they were supposed to give me vegan cheese to top my pasta with and they sent out parmesan. I didn’t care enough to wait in line again, but make sure you double check if they send you out “vegan” cheese.

Here is a ricemilk chocolate bar I got from Goofy’s Candy Company and a non-dairy fruit smoothie from Orlando International Airport. I’ve never had a ricemilk candy bar before and it was really good! Milk chocolate was my thing before going vegan so it was a fun flashback.



Other than a few hiccups, Disney really does a fantastic job. Get yourself a Mickey pretzel, a dole whip, and find some fun vegan dishes throughout the parks. Vegan Disney World is a great place to find these dishes. I used them the whole trip and it helped tremendously. Here is a link to their blog as well. Make sure you check them out if you are heading to the parks! And if you are, say hi to Mickey for me 🙂

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