Disney College Program – Month One



I’m here!!! I’m officially a cast member at Walt Disney World. It still doesn’t feel real. But it is. This is real life. And I am so excited!


Day One


Casting! You know that building by Disney Springs that you always pass by when you’re vacationing in Disney? I got to go inside!!!











In Casting, we did employee paperwork and fingerprinting. Not too exciting but all of the cast members were so welcoming and excited to see us. Their enthusiasm was contagious!


Free Day – Universal


We had two free days during week one where we didn’t have anything to do. On my first free day, I spent the day alone at Universal Studios. It was a lot of fun! I just walked around and took everything in, with nowhere to be. I accidentally stumbled upon a few characters with hardly any line and got pictures with them. Also, rode the Hogwarts Express. Twice.








There are some perks to being alone at the parks (i.e. single rider). I walked right onto Men In Black and actually rode the 6-person ride by myself. The employee working told me to use all the guns. So, I had a gun in each hand the whole time. It was fun! Plus I didn’t waste any park time in line.






The Friday of my first week we started with orientation, aka Traditions. Traditions class was long but it was really cool! I won’t share what happened that way I don’t ruin it for future CPs. You’ll have to find out for yourself! Here’s a couple of pictures I really wanted to share, though.





Free Weekend


We had to wait until Traditions to get our Blue IDs and finally get into the parks! My training didn’t start until Monday so that meant a full two days of magical adventures.


Magic Kingdom








Housing Welcome Event







Work: Liberty Inn at Epcot








There’s a story behind the pug on the door. My roommate whips this pug head out of her suitcase and apologizes for its ugliness and said she would keep it on her side, tucked away. I told her to put it on the door because I thought it would be funny. And that’s where he is. Protecting our territory. I think it’s hilarious and I love it. Can’t wait to put a wreath around him!


Misc. Adventures



We went to this bar called Cowboys because ladies drink free on Thursdays from 8-11pm. I’m all for free stuff. So, we went and learned two line dances, had a lot of free drinks, watched in awe as everyone in the bar knew how to line dance except for us, and then drank enough that by the end of the night we were dancing in the corner of the floor without a care in the world.



Funny story. Our uber home told us this intricate story about how he is the roommate of Kellan Lutz and, well, we believed him. So, one of my roommates tweeted at Kellan and said we met his roommate and HE TWEETED HER BACK and said he never had a roommate named Andrew so…that was awkward. It was so awesome that he tweeted her back though. Definitely makes for a good story!



Mango Wine Slushie from Disney Springs!




Daily Commute


This was originally going to be a post about my first week but then things got so hectic. I’m working all the time, way more than I anticipated at least starting out. I’m averaging 53 hours a week right now. It doesn’t leave me anytime to go to the parks and play. Every day I wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed. Repeat. I finally have two days off in a row next week. I’m going to the parks both days and no one can stop me!


I am having a great time with my roommates, though. They are making this program awesome and I’m so thankful for the experience. Hopefully, work will balance out with my free time asap. I’m burning out with all of these hours. A good thing from the excess hours is this past paycheck I had 15 hours of overtime and, basically, put all of that into my savings account. Yay! Hopefully, I can continue to save a decent amount from each check. Eating a lot of rice, beans, and frozen veggies to try and save my money haha.


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