Christmas in NYC


New York City is one of the biggest most exciting cities to visit. I’ve been so many times I’ve lost count at this point. This time around was different, however, because we went during the holidays. Nothing can prepare you for NYC during the holidays. Nothing.

Several people warned us about how crowded it is. We knew going in that it would be chaotic, crowded, and cold. And, yes, it lived up to our expectations. But, when you think crowded you don’t think about being packed in like sardines with a person touching you from the front, back, and both sides of you in Times Square.




We took a selfie after escaping the madness of the crowd right outside of the Disney Store.


*Note: Don’t try to go to the Disney Store. Just don’t. In fact, avoid Times Square during the holidays. Seriously.


You don’t think about the fact that the mass of people visiting the city at the same time as you also has to fit on the side walk with you. Or that they literally all want to see the same thing that you want to see (ugh- tourists).


I was trying to get a pic of the guy in the poncho but it was so crowded I accidentally got a picture of the tree in the background.


We may have had to fight through masses of individuals, cars, and crisp New York air, but I got a picture. And that’s what it’s all about right?






We can’t feel our faces. Or our toes.


Now onto some of the less crazy part of our day. We stayed overnight about 25 minutes from the city and left around 7am to get to Radio City Music Hall. That’s right, we saw the Rockettes! It was incredible (and nice and warm). We went to the earliest show possible and because of this, the line was teeny tiny compared the lines for the shows later in the day. Translation: we stood in a line of about 30 people for about 10 minutes and then went inside where we walked right up the stairs to get a picture with a Rockette, without standing in line. The lines for all the other shows were, literally, around the block. Sure, it would have been nice to break up our freezing day filled with walking with 2 hours of sitting in a warm building, but the early show takes the win. Trust me on that.









Rockefeller pre-crowd


Patzeria Family & Friends


We went to Patzeria Family & Friends restaurant. It was tiny and we had low expectations after seeing it (it wasn’t anything special). BUT. The food was! The food was delicious. I got the Pasta Primavera and I would 100% recommend. It was so good. I literally did not have any leftovers. Like not even a bite. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their food as well as the escape from the crowds and the cold. I would recommend this place. If you have a large group like we did (7) I suggest making a reservation so you don’t have to worry. My mom was on top of her game with that one. Good job mom 🙂



Pasta Primavera




Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of my bagel. My hands were numb, I was hungry, and if I had stopped to take a picture the bagel would have gotten cold that much faster. So, please, forgive me. This place is awesome. We went twice when we stayed overnight in January so we brought the rest of the Sassy Seven (hehe) to try the place out. I got my signature whole wheat everything bagel, toasted, with scallion tofu cream cheese. Delicious! Also had an orange juice because it is so refreshing and yummy. Even though it made me more cold, I would’ve been sad if I had passed it up.


Go to Pick-A-Bagel. It’s a chain so there are a few locations but we go to the one on 8th avenue near 53rd street every time. It’s NY so don’t expect to sit but if someone gets up while you’re in line, send your buddy to save a table! It’s so much warmer inside and you get to relax and enjoy your meal. Just don’t stay too long because there are always plenty of people who could really use a table. I don’t know if this place is ever not busy to be honest. Just expect there to be a long line and you won’t be surprised when you get there and the line is nearly out the door. At least, for the most part, they are efficient. Try this place out for yourself!


New York was fabulous, as always. I navigated the streets like a local and it was the first time I actually felt like I could live in the city. Doesn’t hurt to dream right? Kait and I may have also pretended we were locals as we showed our visiting family members around. Apparently, even as you get older it is still fun to play pretend. Who knew?





The Sassy Seven take on the City: Christmas Sweater Edition


From my family to yours, have a warm and happy holiday!




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