Lake Lure, NC

      There is this lake hidden in the mountains of North Carolina with views so stunning and people so welcoming that I contemplated living there. The only reason I couldn’t live there is because of the terrible cell reception and lack of wifi. It’s nice to be off the grid sometimes but it’s […]

Myrtle Beach, SC

  I’ve been super lucky this year with all of the travelling I have had the opportunity to do. My bucket list has many checks on it now and I have had a great start to my 20s. Our family trip to Myrtle Beach is at the top of my list of trips for this […]

How to Staycation

  Staycations are underrated. If you go away somewhere you will be paying for a place to stay, a way to get there and back (and if you fly, you’ll be paying for a rental car), and any things you plan to do while there. If you staycation, you could save yourself a lot of […]

Savannah and Atlanta, GA

  At the start of summer break my best friend and I took our very first road trip. We struggled for a long time deciding where to go. We both knew we wanted to go south but there are so many options! We finally decided to head to North Carolina to check out the film […]

Washington D.C.

Life can get pretty stressful for anyone at any given time. For a college student, the end of the semester is particularly stressful. My best friend and I thought it would be a great idea to take a day trip into D.C. as a way to de-stress right before the end of the semester. This […]

Great Wolf Lodge

  I know what you’re thinking. Great Wolf Lodge? Isn’t that for little kids? The answer is yes. It is designed for little kids but that does not mean I didn’t have fun! I actually really enjoyed going to the Virginia location for a weekend getaway. The water park was small which is expected since […]

New York City

  2016 has been a year of embracing travel opportunities and it all began in New York City. One of my best friends spontaneously asked if I wanted to go stay overnight with her in NYC. I, of course, said “if you can find a cheap hotel, I’m in.” Well, Groupon had a hotel in […]