Happy Dance

  This song has a happy, care-free feel to it. Felt perfect for this post. (Side note: so glad Miley is back).   Today I received a message from the universe. I realize how that sounds. I’m not crazy, nor am I a the epitome of a flower child. No. I literally received a message from the universe. […]

What I Eat Wednesday

    A few days ago this conversation happened: Person: “Don’t you get tired of eating the same thing all the time?” Me: *confused* “What do you mean?” Person: “You know because you can only eat a few foods.” In my head, I responded with the biggest eye roll ever to be completed by a human being. […]

Month of Mindfulness

April is here! My room is clean and now it is time to brush off the winter blues. Seeing as I feel like I’m not using my time as productively as I could, I’m ready for a spring cleaning of sorts for my mind. So, I’m challenging myself to a month of mindfulness. Each day […]

Healthy Tips for Stressful Times

School is back in session and I have hit the books harder than ever this year. Taking five classes and working three days a week is not an easy task. I am tired and just want to lay down and read in my free time. However, I have priorities and goals set for myself that […]

How to Staycation

  Staycations are underrated. If you go away somewhere you will be paying for a place to stay, a way to get there and back (and if you fly, you’ll be paying for a rental car), and any things you plan to do while there. If you staycation, you could save yourself a lot of […]