Baltimore VegFest 2017

One word: food. Oh, how I love food, especially when it’s fried, and mac and cheese, and dessert. It was a good day. There seemed to be a great turnout even with the chilly, rainy weather at UMBC.


Line to get a goody bag


This year, I got a goody bag!!! I may have had to run/walk to the line and knock some people over to get it, but I’m glad I did because the two people behind me were the last to get a bag! #noregrets



Included with the goody bag


This is just one side of the festival. It’s not massive, but there’s much more to it than is in this picture! I just really love that tie-dye bus 🙂



First meal came from The Land of Kush. I’ve eaten there before and loved it. I saw they had a crabcake sandwich and mac, so obviously, that was the right choice. The line was super short, but the wait took forever and then they gave my food to someone else. Sigh. Once I got my food, though, it was fabulous!



It was so filling, I wasn’t hungry for hours! Obviously, not great when you are at a food festival, but it worked out perfectly because my next task was to stand in line for an hour for some decadent desserts from Vegan Treats Bakery. Yes, it was worth it.

Grabbed a coffee to keep me warm and occupied in line, though.




This is why it took so long to get dessert:






I asked the girl who helped me what she recommended because I literally did not know what to get and I was not wasting my opportunity to get the good stuff, know what I mean? So, I ended up with a chocolate eclair (omg so yummy), a cookie dough brownie (also yummy, but not as good as it sounded), and a peanut butter bomb (this was amazing amazing amazing I need another one asap).


The Peanut Butter Bomb was in here. It toppled over in the car and was a hot mess when I opened the box but still so so so yummy.



Should’ve gotten two of these bad boys




I have now added Vegan Treats Bakery to my list because I must go there if I am ever nearby. Unfortunately, it’s three hours from me and my limit is an hour. One day I’ll get there and I will have another peanut butter bomb in the bakery and take one to go, well maybe two to go 😉 Listen, I am not exaggerating. If you find yourself in the Vegan Treats Bakery, you get yourself a peanut butter bomb and thank me later (if we’re being honest, the best way you can thank me is by bringing me one).


After collecting my mouth-watering desserts, I walked around the festival like 300 times in search of what I wanted to get to take home for dinner. I swear to you I probably walked around 300 times. People probably thought I was crazy.

I finally ended up with chick’n nuggets and mac and cheese (yes twice in one day, judge me) from the Vegan Refocused booth.



The mac was good but the nuggets were ON POINT


I’ve had better mac, so I wasn’t very impressed. However, and this is a big “however,” the chick’n nuggets were so good! I’m really not a big mock meat person, but these were absolutely amazing. I honestly wish I could get more right now. Literally right now. I need to find them asap. They seem to only do events, though. Guess I’ll be stalking them.


The VegFest was so awesome. I truly let myself indulge and I’m so happy I did! This year, I went by myself. I know what you’re thinking, “Aw, poor baby had to go by herself.” Nope. I chose to go by myself. I wanted to have the freedom to walk around and stay for as long as my little heart desired. I wanted to eat and buy all of the food without feeling like a fatty. And I did just that. It was so much more fun that way! If I had brought someone with me, I would’ve been worried about them not enjoying themselves because they were there as a favor for me. Instead, I stood in line for dessert for an hour and didn’t feel the need to apologize for making myself wait. Because Lawd did I want that dessert.



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