Lake Lure, NC

      There is this lake hidden in the mountains of North Carolina with views so stunning and people so welcoming that I contemplated living there. The only reason I couldn’t live there is because of the terrible cell reception and lack of wifi. It’s nice to be off the grid sometimes but it’s […]

Myrtle Beach Food

  Myrtle Beach, SC had quite a few food surprises up its sleeve. Between the ice cream, the pizza, and the pancakes I didn’t even know where to start! I made a list of the places I was interested in trying while we were down there if the opportunity arose. Subzero Ice Cream and Yogurt […]

Myrtle Beach, SC

  I’ve been super lucky this year with all of the travelling I have had the opportunity to do. My bucket list has many checks on it now and I have had a great start to my 20s. Our family trip to Myrtle Beach is at the top of my list of trips for this […]

How to Staycation

  Staycations are underrated. If you go away somewhere you will be paying for a place to stay, a way to get there and back (and if you fly, you’ll be paying for a rental car), and any things you plan to do while there. If you staycation, you could save yourself a lot of […]