2016: A Year in Review


I’m sitting in my living room surrounded by Christmas decorations that are ready to be put away with the Harry Potter Marathon on in the background. It’s a nice way to end the year in my opinion. 2016 was a good one for the most part. I checked off three things from my bucket list, started a blog, traveled on my own, moved back home, started at a new school, and successfully completed all of my 2016 Resolutions. Honestly, 2016 has been my most satisfying year to date.


I think what helped the most was actually doing something. I took the leap and started traveling. I love writing and I finally had things to write about so I started a blog. I set goals that were achievable but still challenging. And I will use this strategy to tackle 2017 with the same determination as this year.


I hope you have had a great Holiday season and a great 2016. Take a moment to reflect on the things you are happy about, the things you are proud of, and the things you are not-so-happy with. If you can change it, make that your goal for 2017. Enjoy this final day in 2016 not knowing what 2017 will bring, but only what is happening right now. Enjoy the moment you are in. It can change just like that.

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