Two Year Vegaversary!


“Stand for what you believe in even if it means you are standing alone.” I’ve recently reached a milestone! In September 2014 I went vegan and while there have been ups and downs, I can honestly say I would not change a thing. I feel good about myself knowing I am feeding my body the healthiest diet I can, I am sparing animals from death, and I am protecting the environment in the easiest and most efficient way I have learned how.

Now, don’t fret. This is not a post to preach my beliefs or try to persuade people to go vegan. This is a post about my celebratory dinner for being plant based for 2 whole years! I think that’s something worth celebrating. My best friend and I went to the Land of Kush in Baltimore city for dinner and then the Lost City Diner for vegan milkshakes!


Land of Kush


The drive wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t terrible either. The restaurant is pretty cramped, it seems to be designed for takeout so keep that in mind. Their menu was incredibly similar to NuVegan Cafe, where I worked while studying at University of Maryland, so I knew I wanted to get the crabcakes and mac and cheese for old times sake. Sadly, however, I found myself disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the food was good. It just wasn’t as good as NuVegan. I wouldn’t get the same thing again but I think I would go to Land of Kush again. I just have to make a special trip to NuVegan to get my crabcake fix. It’s insane how similar to a non-vegan crabcake it tastes! I miss it.


Crabcake entree with mac and cheese and candied yams
Crabcake entree with mac and cheese and candied yams


We had a good time and tried new food from a restaurant I have been dying to try. The milkshakes were fantastic so we definitely ended on a good note at the very least! Not everywhere is going to hit the spot. I’m just happy I made it to my 2 year vegaversary and got to spend it with my best friend. Here’s to still trying new things even when you think you’ve had your share of duds.




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