15 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit


If you are looking for fun ways to get in the holiday spirit and not break the bank, check out my list below. Maybe you are broke or maybe you are acting like you’re broke so you won’t end up broke, either way here’s a list of 15 things to do to put you in the holiday spirit.


1. Drive around in your pajamas looking at holiday lights and listening to Christmas music. Bonus points if you make some hot chocolate (or your favorite holiday drink) to sip while you are driving around.

2. Check out the park light displays in your area. If you are near Maryland you might consider the Winter Lights at Seneca Creek State Park or the Garden of Lights in Montgomery County. Both are reasonably priced, especially if you split the cost between the people in your vehicle 🙂

3. Turn off every light except for the Christmas tree (and fireplace if you are lucky enough to have one) and watch your favorite Christmas movies. This is one of my absolute favorite things to do during the holiday season. I love drinking some peppermint tea and watching The Santa Clause, Home Alone, Holiday in Handcuffs, and White Christmas.



4. Bake cookies! Bonus points if you bake a ton and give them out to friends, family, and neighbors.


5. Wrap all of the Christmas movies you own and pick one to unwrap and watch each time you want to watch a movie.

6. Make a list of things to do during the season and cut them into strips. Place the items in a hat, cup, or zip-loc bag and choose a different one to do each night!

7. Head out to a mall or outdoor shopping center to check out the holiday displays and people watch. Grab something from Starbucks or make your own drink to take with you and keep you warm.



8. Write a letter to Santa. You are never too old! Plus, it helps you reflect on the things that matter the most to you and helps you feel grateful for the things you already have.

9. Go outside. If you have snow, go play in it and let your inner kid out. Or go for a stroll outside. Bonus if you and someone you care about walk around checking out the holiday lights! Afterwards, head inside to warm up with your favorite seasonal drink.



10. Create a fun Christmas playlist with all of your favorites and no commercials -yay!

11. Send a Christmas card to a soldier.

12. Have a holiday sweater party where the guests each bring a dish.

13. Play a board game with Christmas music or a movie in the background.

14. Stay up late watching movies and wrapping presents.

15. Make your own Christmas cards. Cozy up and send a little holiday love to the people you care about.


Most importantly, enjoy the holiday season! Do all the things you love to do during the holidays. It goes so fast and suddenly you’ll find yourself in the first week of January making plans to hit the gym. Enjoy those cookies now 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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